Friday, 26 March 2010

URGH its that day again FRIDAY the day where i have to do a sleep at work!!!!!!!!!!
i purley hate fridays all day but to be honest once i get to work and get on with my job it aint so bad, i do love my job though, im quite attached to the ladies which i dont know is a good thing or a bad thing, i wish i could make em all better and be normal like me and you, saying that what is "normal" and maybe they are blesse coz they aint a clue what goes on in this shitty world of ours!!!!

well its nearly easter, i love this time of year, the daffs and daisies bloom and it starts getting lighter at night, the days get longer and i can peg my washing outside!
i actually picked some dafodils today, got some funny looks of people too, surely i should no better than pickin flowers at my age, i am nearly thirty lol

im desperate for a letter to come through from new progress saying that we have been offered a house =( its like taking the piss now!!!!

anyway, I PASSED MY THEORY TEST YESTERDAY *jumps up and down*
i am awesome and awesome is me!!! shouldnt be too long now till im driving these roads and doin better things with my gorgous dumpling,
i told ya this will be my year lol

anyways ive nothing more to say for now so, bye bye

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