Friday, 26 March 2010

URGH its that day again FRIDAY the day where i have to do a sleep at work!!!!!!!!!!
i purley hate fridays all day but to be honest once i get to work and get on with my job it aint so bad, i do love my job though, im quite attached to the ladies which i dont know is a good thing or a bad thing, i wish i could make em all better and be normal like me and you, saying that what is "normal" and maybe they are blesse coz they aint a clue what goes on in this shitty world of ours!!!!

well its nearly easter, i love this time of year, the daffs and daisies bloom and it starts getting lighter at night, the days get longer and i can peg my washing outside!
i actually picked some dafodils today, got some funny looks of people too, surely i should no better than pickin flowers at my age, i am nearly thirty lol

im desperate for a letter to come through from new progress saying that we have been offered a house =( its like taking the piss now!!!!

anyway, I PASSED MY THEORY TEST YESTERDAY *jumps up and down*
i am awesome and awesome is me!!! shouldnt be too long now till im driving these roads and doin better things with my gorgous dumpling,
i told ya this will be my year lol

anyways ive nothing more to say for now so, bye bye

Monday, 22 March 2010

right, I'm a clown, in January i booked my theory test for the 19 Feb, re booked it for the 24Th and once again re booked for the 25Th march THAT IS ON THURSDAY I'm gonna fail i just know it.
i cant study it just doesn't work for me I'm shit!
so anyways I'm going to just study hard for the next few days and just go for it, if i fail (no doubt i will) i will rebook again for the following months AND this time i will put 100% into my studying and pass with flying colours +0)(i hope)

anyways Keenan has done me proud this week, hes gone in for his yellow belt at karate/kickboxing hes confident he has done it and i have every faith in him. he looks so professional when hes doing his moves, it almost brings tears to my eyes xxx

Mia is still waiting on hany modeling work... in which the deadline was today for her licence, im such shit ya know, i need a PA i will get that sorted Friday as I'm working tomoz and the day after.

I'm still looking for a 3 bed House prefabley in leyland but having no luck at all, the system is a joke, my son is 11 in a few weeks and having to share a room with his near seven year old sister, its not fair on any of them, they just never have their own space.
i would really want to be away from hear by the summer coz thats when all the fuckin idiots come out to pay drinking and lettin their brats run riot, urgh, i hate it round here, ive much hatred for a hell of a lot of poeple.
ive had to change my phone number again today, which cost me thirty five fuckin quid, as an asshole got my number again and sends constants demented text all day long, i should go to the police ike i had to last time but ya know i just cant be arsed with it all, the sooner where out of this house the better,theres a few lovelys but not enough to make me wonna stay here plus our house is too small, full stop!!!

im nearly thirty aswell which is depressing my best mate has started knockin about with my enermy and i feel i have no fucke but my awesome family which i love dearly ut when i think of friends, i actualy have none, ziltch zero as ive grown up ive realised who my real friends are and thats it im down to zero, fuckin marvolous!
im sure ya ment to have a big do when ya thirty with al ya mates and get dressed up and get messy but nope not this lady, ill prob be workin or gettin drunk on my own twittering and facebooking, thats my sad life that i lead.
i do love twitter though, well love is a bit of a strong word, but ive met some great people on there, i spend a hell of a lot of time there aswell. facebook is lame these days all the fun has gone out of it.

looking forward to summer hols, where going to spain again to stay ay my grandma's place nice cheap hoiday, gets us away from not so sunny leyland,my friend (whos friends with the enermy is mena be coming but she never answers my cals or ewt anymore so there loss) next year though, im gonna go for a biggy an all incusive for me and the kids, gonna see if my mum and dad will come though coz it be better with a bit of company, im excited for it all ready and its not even booked.

well im still a fat fooker aswell but i dont really bother ive not gained any or lost any every 4 weeks when i wiegh my self i still way the same so, lo nay mind.

where going to the wrestlemania tour in about 3 weeks 11th aprill me the kids and my mum and dad or coming along, theyve never been before, they dont even know anything about thee wwe LOLOLOL they will hav a great time tho as the atmosphere is emense, i canny fackin wait, kids love it too, we get floor seats, so tey vanish to the barriers everytime t try and get some skin of the superstars, and they do, kee has touched a few and HHH rubbed mias head.. aslong as cena is there ill be one happy mo fo. EEEEEKkkk
our bentley is coming on brilliant, hes just over one now, he still loves to chew things lol
he goes to dog school and hes good at walking sitting healing, staying, but when hes of that lead, he just doesnt listen at all, but bless him, hes so cute,

anyways, im signin off, im naggin on, i love this place, i can just say what ever i like and no one need bother, nless they read it of course then they may be bothered haha chow for now =0))

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

well, hey.. i have surly not been here for a long bloody time...
what have i been up to?? hmm nothing really just work, being a mum bla bla...

well i joined twitter, which i seem to be addicted to, i probley update far to much (not good coz it proves how boring my life is)
i cant even remember my last blog.. so i can see whats happened since then..
well im enjoying my job (but not the staff thaey are lazy twats nah im jokin )
ive relised in life that ya dont need hundreds of friends and that some will still stick around no matter what, them i will say are my which i have one, kelly, she is a gem.. shes a nag aswell do this do that, shes right tho, makin me work, learn to drive bla bla, id be lost without her i think. friends come and go a hell of a lot of mine have, most i woke past in the street and wont even say boo to, im nearly thirty now and ive realised my family, is most important and my closest friends (doran) and the wwe of couse (joke)

im still lookin to move, only because of space, if this house was a three bed , id probley wonna stay there actually is some ok people round my way, the view is awesome fields amongs fields but come summer time, it brings out idiots,thats wonna get pissed all day long (dont get me wrong i was like that once apon a time, but come on, ya grow up!!) let their kids run riot and cause havoc...BLAG i can not be assed, s'pose that comes with the council estate thingy majig, eh?
oh, i got fat aswell, i quit smoking ate loads of good food and here i am ten bellys, i jog now i joined a club aswell which is hard to stick to due to work but other than that i run with my neighbor bev. which brings me on to them, they are fab, been my neighbours for a long time and prob seen many sides of me, seen boyfriends, my life and friends come and go, amazin what changes in like ten years (its a long fuckin time really)
anyway, i goda do sumet about it, like order a pizza lol nope, jog, i also got another dvd to work out to, this time davina the last one was clubland,what i cant dance unless im pissed.then i still caant
theres been a few men in my life (not that im a whore or ewt but ya know)
i still need to find someone to put up with me no one can cope, im not normal,, ive had enough, but then i get a desent fella, like date guy (no names) he was lovely (still talk) but leggerz gets drunk and makes a tit of her self haha i do make my self laugh though, some of the drunken texts made me laugh... saying my head was hairyer than my wanny and stuff LOL WTF, thats with a year of neglet, ya let ya self go dont ya, (wheres the feather duster) well im prepared now, keep the bush trimed and all that, even started on the sunbeds again got an opp for the hairdressers, fix up look sharp!
im still obsessed with the wwe (john cena ) like thats gonna change EVER, he da man, well after keenan and bentley,
BENTLEY little bastard has destroyed alot of stuff, laptops mobiles, etc the shitbag has cos like six times as much as it was to uy him, bless still wuv him tho hes a shitbag, he starts dog training next week, my neighbour gets annoyed with him coz he ruins her lie in lol bless
my kids are doin fab, mia is modelling the stunner she is, makes more than i make in month shes gonna be sumet when she is older
keenan is fab at school man i used to get phone calls expelled everything, hes a changed ,an, he s made me proud, i love them both to the moon, and all around the universe and back
things to looj forward to... erm.. LIFE!!! wrestle mania revenge tour in april holiday in malaga in augest, my babies growing up, hopefully a new house, a flat stomach haaaaaaaaa
also i wonna say how much i lovemy parents, id be screwed without them, my babies are the world, my pets are shitbags but id have no other, my job is challeging , my life is full of rewards
ps, ima cunt (but a good one)

Monday, 28 September 2009

sooooo tired , dont know how though, i took the kids to school this morning and came home and thought ill watch jk in bed coz when i sit downstairs bentley cries to sit with me grrr so anyways i fell asleep till 12;15 how bad is that??? propper lazy, i put it down to getting over mumps but during the illness just carrying on as usual, half a day i had waisted not good.

still wanting an all inclusive next year (EXPENSIVE) and got an aquamania guide for turkey but keenan will be charged as an adult due to not having a partner grrrrrr so dont kno what to do, gonna sit on it for a while, not the mag i mean just think about it for a few days.

nothing much has happened today... apart from keenan staying behind at school for business + enterprize week to wash and vac cars bless him so his nan took the car for a good clean, and its the cleanest its been in three years it looks spanking new, well done kee!
ive also had to go complaining to two parents today on the estate for hitting my little mia (which i seen with my own eyes) not once but three times they did it and took her new teddy of her the little twats so off i marched one of the kids being the horrid neighbour who slapped my son a few moths ago, but she was quite ok about the situation and kept her beeeeep inside for the remainder of the day! the other lady made her daughter come my house and appologise which i was preety shocked i didnt expect that. bless the little girl she was very sorry and started to i dont think she will pick on mia again. i think mia should start to stick up for herself its a big bad world out there.

sunday roast for tea, which went down a treat, clean plates all round. gonna have to invest in a collunder tho, i think the neighbours get quite annoyed at me asking for theirs haha sorry best neighbours in the world its on my to do list along with john cena and a few others lOl

im missing my bestie, she is at uni now soi never see her :0(( gonna have to grab her at some point for a bit catch up and lots of russian vodka ( i aint been drunken since the 10th of sept) she aint even got a facebook acccount no more, ive sooo lost my mojoe haha

anyways im signing off as i cant think of anything to say and im sure ya bored by now as my life is sooo not exciting so i wont share anymore other than mother nature sucks balls! and im rather excited about fast forward should be real gooood. i might have to do a little blog about it at some point.

chow for now xxx

Thursday, 24 September 2009

well yeah i aint been here for a while, feeling like crap at the mo, ive been diagnosed with mumps. i feel like a right drama queen i have to have a week of work, which means im gonna av to work my ass over over the nex 3 weeks to make my hours up :0( not so happy. seriously praying that my kids dont get it.. they are up to date with all jabs so they should be ok.

ive realised that my brain has really been screwed up by all this text slang. i find it hard to spell the most easiest words, like today i couldnt spell autum lol i still dont kno if this is right coz it looks stupid to me,

i have once again de-activeated facebook (this time i hope for longer than 48 hours) i dont get why im so addicted, its a load of crap, people bang on about the same crap everyday like "how much ironing they have" and " i went to the shop and i cant beleive they had no milk"
people knew far to much about my life aswell. if id not seen someone for ages and i bumped into them they would ask me something about a status i once had and its like we had nothing to talk about about as i wrote basically my life story on frickin goodbye old friend i will see ya in the near future ( see just then i couldnt remember how to spell future)

nothing much has happened since my last blog...really apart from i finished of watching prison break and i cant beleive that schofield died, i was distraught!!!!! i loved the programme it was agood thing that it finished as another series would proberly ruined the show. im gonna buy them on dvd at some point probley from ebay as its cheaper

i went to spain for 8 days a few weeks ago with my to kids and my freinds kids we had a great time first few days we went in the pool and went to the beach and stuff it was great, i got very drunk the second night coz the vodka measures are why over the mountain top as everyone knows, wasnt very happy the day after was sick all day which wernt fair on the kids but they still went in the pool and stuff not got drunken since that day actually good eh? and now i cant drink coz i have mumps lol and on tablets.

urghhh we went on a boat in malaga, i fooking hate boats i hate deep water i dont know whos dupid idea it were to go on a dumbass boat, but hey we did, and guess what.. it thundered and lightened and pissed down i shat my pant the waves were horrendous the kids were scared stiff and i didnt help much as i was terrified too, i thought we was gonna die that day, i cant swim ffs why did i go on a boat???? keenan can swim so i thought thats not to bad at least we have a chance and i will only have to try and save mia. omg it was the worst day of my life, the spanish man kept telling me "no water no water" im like ehh i dont the end i cryed like a baby and the kids ended up looking after me, i was crap i should of been strong but i couldnt contain my fear, i couldnt even look out of the window, when keenan said we was entering the harbour i calmed down a little realising we wasnt gonna die, i was shaking violently...never EVER again will i/we go on a boat not even for all the money in the world and i love money ha.

i think im bloggin to much, so im off to tweet too much chow till next time

love leggerz xxx

Friday, 19 June 2009


hey all, who ever ever read this. man I'm so annoyed this morning!!!! rar rar rar it started at 6:12am when pippin (my cat) decided to jump through the window with some sort of animal usualy a mouse or vole but not this time a great big feckin bird!!!! i cud hear them under my bed messing about and I'm thinking great i have to get up and chase a mouse with pip (didn't know it was a frickin bird at this time) so I'm slowing getting into position to have a nosey under my bed pappin my pants in the process in case this mouse bit me and that's when i realised it was a bird the bird was still at this point as it had no frickin head!!!! so, great I'm thinking what do i do now, I'm quite used to moving mice and voles but not birds so my head was spinning wondering how to shift it..i did it with a carrier bag and dust pan and brush, threw them all into the bag and lashed it in the fields at this point in the morning i decided the cat is going, leaving, being banished!! well the kids was not happy about this and on came the water works fantastic i thought, tears wont work though i cant keep the cat every summer is the same....the kids are like stroking the cat saying how much they will miss her if she goes and how much they love her while the only thoughts in my mind are i hate this frickin cat!!
its time to go to school the tears have stopped and everyone seems OK (apart from pippin sat on the window sill outside desperate to come in, er, no cat feck off!) Ive had to cancel my driving lesson which i ain't happy about raarrrr rar rar please don't get rid of pip Mia asks, your not getting rid of her demands Keenan by this time i feel glum about it and don't know wot to do about the situation,Ive decided I'm gonna give her a week to book up her hunting ways or I'm taking her to the closest farm which is just over the fields.
kids are in school ready for the day a head thank god peace for a few hours, then i bump into a neighbour of mine who decided to slap my son across the face a few weeks back whom i am trying to get done for assault (for some reason people who have seen it wont come forward its all a long story I'm not going in to it, she is not worth the hassle little fatty whore) is staring at my while I'm walking back from school as she goes in the school (late as usual) trying to frighten me LOL, you know like ya did at high school give people the evils. see the thing there is that she needs to grow up except what she did was out of order and admit what she did instead of making my boy out to be a liar when she knows a few people seen what she did but oh no she wants to be my enemy well good on her as you cant keep this good dog down!!!
Bentley and myself decided for was in order so we went to get a toasted current bun with real butter for me and a marrow bone for Bentley happy days!!

well peeps i feel much better after writing this blogggg and I'm gonna av another lazy day in bed, even though i have lots to do presents to pic up fathers day birthdays all in one weekend bla bla bla wentworth miller here i come ........bye peeps xxx

Thursday, 18 June 2009

I'm back again, so exciting is my life, cant stop laughing at Bentley on his walk, some guys were orienteering (how ever spell it) and Bentley bein a pup kept chasing there feet as the running past then he decided to carry on chasing this one guy he was running so fast trying to escape from little Bentley looking back every second or so with fear in his eyes my kids where in stitches Keenan (older lad) was on his knees nearly wetting his pants, i had to keep my laugh tucked away as really it was wrong to laugh at a poor man being chased by a little pup so eventually Bentley left the frightened man and came back to his he got a smack and told it was wrong and as Bentley carried on doing his normal thing i burst out into hysterics as it was the funniest thing id seen in a while the kids were in fits of giggles again, i so wish id a filmed it!!
adios amigos